Al Manzil | Ruqyah Shariah for Jinn and Black Magic

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Al Manzil Pro

Al Manzil Pro has been fabricated to bring forward a compiled collection of Quranic verses.

These verses are amassed together to signify the user with the benefits of multiple Islamic Duas Online, shielding him and his health from evil eyes and other uncertainties.

The selected verses work as an effective cure and protect a person from sorcery, evil-doers, jealousy and various other factors. The reading of Manzil daily is said to be an antidote from the evil.

Rruqyah Shariah for Jinns

The exclusive collection of  Al Ruqyah Al Shariah is intended to help you in the recitation of the selected verses. Ruqyah Shariah is a considerable source of defense against your potential enemies, jinn, black magic, and the evil eye.

The reciter seeks refuge from the wicked of the world and embraces the shelter of Almighty Allah ﷻ. The supplication helps to treat illnesses and other problems.

Verse Highlight

The verses are highlighted in a synchronized manner with audio playback to provide a better reading experience. The simple and bright layout assist in proficient reading whereas the color scheme is featured.

Detailed Content

Our aim is to gratify you with the best user experience. The Manzil’s dynamicity, detailed content, translation, references, and transliteration of the verses complement together to create a best and friendly platform for the users.
Al-Manzil Al-Ruqyah Al-Shariah also provides the user with transliterated Arabic verses which is especially for those people who are not enough skilled to understand and recite Arabic verses.

Our Vision

The main objective of AlManzil Pro is to provide you the authentic and reliable resources of Islamic Duas that could pave your way towards complete guidance of Allah ﷻ.
Your Islamic practices are among our prior interest that’s why Al-Manzil is concerted to create the most convenient roadmaps that could lead to the better run-through of Deen.

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